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Factory content

Here is a short list of a possible factory package content

1. Foundation

Foundation blocks , foundation construction , underground services and other building water supply, sewerage, heating , and other external communications are not included in the factory of delivery. If in the  project are  terraces and other structures, which are outside the building ,  there should be additional agreement about foundation type.

2. Windows

Windows and  materials ( handles, inner and outer window sills ) are included in the delivery package.
There are a variety of window types:
Scandinavian type with double sash , as well as the German type windows with triple insulating glass package.
The windows are energy-efficient. There are many color options for window frames  available.

3. Doors

Exterior  and interior doors are included in the factory package.
It is possible to choose different types of doors
(with glazing, without glazing , sliding , saunas , etc.) .
There are many color options for exterior  and interior  doors available.

4. Facade

Different types of facade can be produced, there are some of them:
wooden carcas panel constructions with insulation:
- External  horisontal or verical wooden deck cowering (can be changed and/or mixed)
- External cowering with stone imitation  - also can be changed and/or mixed  (wood + stone)

Passive House  - wooden carcas panel constructions with with  increased energy efficiency.
External  horisontal or verical wooden deck cowering (can be changed and/or mixed).
External cowering with stone imitation  - also can be changed and/or mixed  (wood + stone).

- Laminated hardwood  - log house cowering
- External finish with classic roundwood look
- External finish with D  shaped type profile laminated hardwood
- External finish with laminated angular type hardwood
- Laminated  hardwood ( log  type covering ) with extra insulation installed inernaly in carcass construction. Looks just like classic roundwood log house, no visual diference.

It is possible to reguest prepaynting, painting or impregnation of   facade already in factory.

5.  Additional   external elements

Additional external element  constructions can be  entrance  terraces, garages, sheds etc,  - according to project specification.

6. Wall constructions

Wall construction structure may differ according to project request agreement
(please take a look at the point number 4).

7.Wind shield box with covering

8. Roof cowering  

Roof cowering finish materials are not included in a standart request.
By making project request it is important to let us know what kind of roof covering is planed to be installed( tiles, bitumen, metal roofing etc.)
(it is important for our engineers, to properly calculate the required roof construction endurance calculations.)

9.Roof constructions, beams, rafters

10. Loft finish

Please be informed that in a standard package there is no insulation materials ( rock wool ) meant  for roof constructions, in case project includes living area in  the upper floor  - in package will be included internal cowering  -  wood siding or gypsum board.

11. Ceiling

Ceiling lining materials are included for living, medical, and industrial areas in the starndart package.
By making request you can change desirable cowering for ceiling - wood decking or/and  plasterboard.(can be combined too).

12. Interior walls, partition walls

Interior wall cowering mostly depends on  wall construction type ( please check point number 4).
With  project request you can choose - wich walls you would like to be  cowered with wood decking, and  wich ones with plasterboard. 

13. Mezzanine and Upper floor cowering

Mezzanine and upper floor constructions are included in standard package, including subfloor cowering materials ( cowering between floor joists and floor finish materials).
In the stardard package intermediate floor's sound isolation materials  are not included.

14. Floors

Ground and upper floor materials ( sub floor covering ) for living, medical, and industrial areas are included in a standard package.

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