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Step by step

Step 1

Contact your local municipality where the land you want to buy is, or where your ownership of land belonging to and find out what are the conditions, rules which must be followed. In order to start construction. Check with the groundwater level, ask for geological data plot, as well as the existence of arrivals Communications.

Step 2

According to the criteria outlined above and choose your preferences from the home page of current projects, or set out your sketch and send it to us for calculations.

Step 3

If our costs are acceptable to you have recourse local council to coordinate the project (each municipality has its own rules and procedures and sequence).

Step 4

Get the commencement of construction permits (each municipality has its own rules and procedures and sequence).

Step 5

Contract signing and the first payment. Communications and site basement construction begin, at the same time factory construction begins parallel.

Step 6

It is made in full settlement of the building. The building is brought to the construction site and installed.

Step 7

Building internal and external finishing works are carried out (floor coverings, heating, water supply, roofing, etc.

Step 8

Building is being put into operation, you can move to live into a pleasant house.

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