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Invisible Barn, USA

Invisible Barn is a site-specific design proposal that re-contextualizes the landscape of the site by projecting the landscape on the structural proposition. A barn shaped-wooden structure is sheeted with reflective film on its surfaces.

This mirror-finished folly is placed in the middle of the grove and reflects its surrounding environment: different species of trees and plants, sky, ground and the seasonal changes of the site. The reflection of the folly within its enclosed grove allows the structure to smoothly assimilate into the nature.

The structure is comprised of 2x4 wood studs and sheathing where the mylar mirror film is surfaced. Wood framed piece is connected to pressure treated wood pier on concrete footing buried underground. A hybrid construction method with on and off-site is suggested. Prefabricated walls, floors and plywood opening frames can be moved by two or three people onto the site where the components are assembled.

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