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The key performance criteria for projects of Tesla House are user-oriented and knowledge-based solutions, individual and sustainable approach and a high sense of responsibility for any work assigned. You are welcome to check out our new prefab house projects, click right here::
We produce wood frame elements with different outside coverings
External Walls could be covered with vertical or horizontal wood panels or outside covering boards. Outside covering can be made at building place too - from bricks or stone plates for example
Individual approach
Our mission is to find a special, individual approach and services for each client and project, which efficiently ensures positive results in turn providing mutual satisfaction for the work done

Important offers

You can celebrate spring in a new home, it can be done!
Yes! It can be done, just choose a project you like, after we make an agreement, house can be produced in our factory in about two weeks, we’ll need a time for loading, for construction works and finishing, that’s about it, ask our team about that!
Logistics in February - 50% OFF
Almost 90 % of all the construction work for prefab homes is done at the factory, transportation /logistics/ usually is a good slice of expenses, and that’s why here is a Hot offer from Tesla houses : during February all logistic expenses for your home - 50 % off
Janyary discount
Only in janyary! We are taking 10 % of this project.

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- client, Sami

We built our house according to our designs. It is so great we could realize our dreams with such high quality.

- client, Katrin

My kids have got Asthma and they were getting worse in the previous house we lived. We’ve been living for two years in a new house and asthma symptoms disappeared.

- client, Ingrid

We were surprised to see the place where it was nothing yesterday, it was only basement, but today there is our new house and even with all the windows and doors.

- client, Oliver

Thank you, we used to live in the city, now we live in a country side and I must say - our home was built faster than I thought and exactly as it was planed, just like from the picture.

- client, Igor

Me and my ife where really surprised how well overall insulated is this house, of course we expected energy efficiency, but not this good, Finnish home design does what it tells.

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